Why Hindu Gods shown with Many Hands & Faces ?

Why Hindu Gods shown with Many Hands & Faces ?

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Accordingly Hinduism says that there are 330 million Gods Mupathu mukkoti devargalAll these incarnations or forms of Gods are not to incite fear in the minds of common man but to show a man that God is in some form to rescue him from his suffering and misery. This is all to show that God can be in any form at anytime and anywhere.

Moreover all these Gods are not different from one another. They take the form whichever is needed at that moment and the purpose. All the Gods are one and the same like how a man acts as a son, father and a husband in a single form. Krishna reveals the same during his Vishwaroopam in Kurukshetra war to Arjuna.


All these weapons are shown just for the nature of the weapon and not to threaten the common man. They are shown to depict that He is the only supreme one and surrender onto his feet.


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