How women get ready for Ramzan?

How women get ready for Ramzan?

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Muslims all over the world start counting down for Ramadan with unprecedented motivation and high hopes to do many things and to get the maximum of this holy month. Muslim women like everyone else have high expectations for the blessed month, as well as more loads and duties. Further achieving what you want in Ramadan is strongly related to time management and realistic plans.

Women have more duties in Ramadan, especially if they are working, however, they still have several opportunities for getting rewards, which makes it even more important for them to arrange and coordinate diversity of activities only in one month. Charity is a widely open door in which women can participate by different ways.


Ramadan is considered an excellent opportunity for kids to live 30 days in a comprehensive experience that includes fasting, praying, playing, and helping others either physically or financially. Time management is not only how you manage your time in Ramadan, but extends to how you manage to decrease your tasks and duties during the holy month. Everyone has different priorities, abilities, and circumstances; nevertheless, you can tailor the following tips to your life style.


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