More Indians cross the Mexican border seeking assylum

More Indians cross the Mexican border seeking assylum

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Indians are one of the fastest-growing groups of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border to enter the tiny town of El Centro, California, according to a report in Fox news.

In 2008, no Indian came to the town illegally. In 2009, six Indians arrived. Ever since their number is increasing. Last year it was 2028. This year it has reached to 3048 already, while the number of Mexicans has come down.
‘Unable to obtain H1b visas, which are given to highly skilled workers, because of a crackdown on the visas by the Trump administration, and because of a fear that Sikhs are coming under attack by fundamentalist groups in their country, Indians are heading to the U.S. -- illegally -- in droves,’ the report says.

Most Central Americans pay an $8,000 smuggling fee to cross through Mexico while Indians pay $25,000. ‘These traffickers, they are winning on this. Law enforcement is not,’ said El Centro Sector Chief Gloria Chavez.

Indians generally fly to Qatar then Ecuador, then travel on foot or by bus through the jungles of Colombia and Panama, through Central America and Mexico to El Centro, the report noted. Most know to travel without any documents verifying their identity. In Mexico if you are below 18 and accompanied, you will be arrested, so many will claim they are adults. In the US, they will claim below 18, because minors will be released.
Soon after arriving most young men will claim asylum citing persecution. Women, who often belong to a lower caste, claim abuse or fear of retribution from families in a higher social class.


Asylum seekers usually head to the local Sikh Temple for a meal, change of clothes and a bus ticket. From there they will go live with relatives until an immigration judge can hear their case – typically a year or two later, the report noted.


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