Foods to take during Fever

Foods to take during Fever

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When you are suffering from fever, it is really important that you get sufficient nutrition but your diet should be simple enough so that it is not very difficult for your digestive system to cope with the food. Deciding a diet that is easy to digest and yet full of nutrition is not very difficult and after going through this article you can easily come up with the right diet to take during fevers.

One should drink lots of water when affected with fever.  The reason being, viruses and bacteria augment better in dehydrated units and the white blood-fluid units present in our body-fluid function better and the toxins are removed more effortlessly when the body is hydrated properly.Consume raw fruits and vegetables which can be peeled.To sustain the functioning of the immune scheme in fever, one should reduce or stop caffeine intake.


During fever one should decline any kind of sugar intake like soda, any kind of undiluted fruit juice, honey, natural and perfected sugars. Choose to consume food that is cooked, rather than the raw ones. The food should include those with entire seeds, cooked with steam vegetables, soup and diluted fruit juice. The reason is that raw food is difficult to digest in contrary to cooked food.Freshly lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice extract diluted with half cup water and no sugar or ice should be included in the diet while one is suffering from high temperature.


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