Is eating Chapati healthy?

Is eating Chapati healthy?

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Wheat Is High In Allergens

Most varieties of Wheat and hence chapatis are hybrid or crossbred to be high in allergens like gluten, agglutinin and lectins. Wheat germ agglutinin has been shown to be a cause of chronic gut inflammation.

Wheat Has a High Glycemic Index

Both Wheat & Rice have a higher Glycemic Index (GI). GI of rice is higher than wheat. High GI means your blood sugar will spike faster and higher compared to something with low GI foods like veggies. Therefore heavy reliance on grains will lead to insulin resistance and that is not, and if grains will cause insulin resistance, it is just a matter of when.


Connection between Hypothyroidism & Wheat

Wheat allergy is also known to be a connection in hypothyrodism. Are you hypothyroid? Do you eat 3-4 chapatis/bread or parathas at meal time?? Think again.


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