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SQL SERVER /SSIS/SSRS Training in Online/In-Person

SQL SERVER /SSIS/SSRS Training in Online/In-Person Desiplaza Dallas Hot

Written by Desiplaza Dallas     July 01, 2014    
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(972) 992-1024
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SQL SERVER /SSIS/SSRS Training in Online, and in-person at Dallas, Texas (Richardson, Irving )locations.

Location: Online/In-Person in Dallas,Texas
Richardson, Irving, Online

Description: SQL SERVER 2012 Programming/SSIS/SSRS training fee -- $899

Training Duration: 10-12 weeks

New ClassRoom Batch starts from June 21st 2014
New Online Batch starts from June 21st 2014

For class timings please contact

Name: Colaberry School of Data Analytics ( A Novedea company)
Phone: (972) 992-1024
Email: trainingcolaberry.zendesk.com

For more details visit www.colaberry.com

All you need is a great work ethic, laptop (4GB RAM) + $899 - 100% money back guaranteed up until 1 month. If you don't like the training for whatever reason - you will get your money back. No questions asked.

SQL server 2012 Programming SSIS SSRS Training Clasroom in Richardson/Irving Area and in online

Topics Include
· SQL Server Development Tools
· Query Editor Features
· Working with Tables
· Selecting and Grouping Data
· Limiting and Sorting Data
· Combining Data from Multiple Sources
· Transaction Principles
· System and TSQL Functions
· Managing Locking and Query Performance
· Implementation and Best Practices for Temporary Data Structures
· Creating and Managing View and Triggers
· Designing and Implementing User Defined Functions
· Working with Variables
· Developing and Implementing Stored Procedures
· Introduction to the SSIS environment

· Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)
· How to create a shared connection.
· Overview of the commonly used tasks.
· Overview of the commonly used transforms, source and destinations.
· How to diagnose a problem in SSIS
· Expressions and Variables
· The expression language in SSIS.
· The scoping of variables.
· Debugging SSIS with the watch window
· How to use variables and expressions to make a package dynamic.
· Using the various containers.
· Looping through tasks.
· Writing common SSIS scripts
· Using configuration files to externalize configurations
· Using tables to externalize configurations
· Loading a fact table
·. Event Handlers
· Logging Providers
· Overcoming common performance problems in SSIS
· Measuring performance in SSIS
· Deploying a package.
· Scheduling SSIS packages.
· Security in SSIS
· Deploying and scheduling a series of packages.
· Issues that you will encounter
· Fuzzy Grouping transform
· Fuzzy Lookup transform
· Term Extraction transform
· Term Lookup transform
· Import and Export Column transforms

· Introduction to the SSRS Architecture
· Data Warehousing
· Report Types(Matrix, Tabular)
· Report Server
· Architecture
· Introduction to SSRS Environment
· Creating a Project
· Design Pane
· Preview Pane
· Solution Explorer
· Report Wizard
· Shared Data Sources
· Data Sets
· Report Data Window
· Basic Report with a Table
· Data Retrieval
· Queries
· Query Builder(edit as text)
· Stored procedure
· Parameters in a Query
· Parameters in a Stored Procedures
· Options
· Time Outs
· Deploying
· Using Report Builder
· Report Models
· Build a report with report builder
· Text Box
· Line
· Table
· Rectangle
· List
· Image
· Sub report
· Actions (Drill downs. Open web pages)
· Advanced Parameters
· Stored Procedure Parameters
· Cascading Parameters
· Default Values
· Multi value
· Dropdown menu
· Tablix and Matrix
· Tablix
· Matrix
· Create a report with a matrix
· Expressions, Functions, and Custom Code
· Grouping
· Filters
· Sorting options
· Charts
· Calendar
· Administration
· Report Manager portal
· Report Server
· Deploying
· Configuration for Web
· Subscriptions
· Scheduled
· Data Driven
· Report Delivery Options

Guidance on Exam 70-448:
TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance
contact email : trainingcolaberry.zendesk.com

Contact Details

Name: Novedea
Phone: (972) 992-1024
Email: trainingcolaberry.zendesk.com


Customized SharePoint Training will be provided to aspirants based on their background and experience for below designations.

• SharePoint Business Analyst (Non –Technical) - $599 – 4 weeks
• SharePoint Developer - $1499 – 8 weeks

Class timings are
• Saturday 9.30AM to 12:30PM
• Tuesday 6.30PM to 9:30PM

Contact Details:

Name: Colaberry
Phone: (972) 992-1024
Email: trainingcolaberry.zendesk.com

All you need is a great work ethic, laptop (4GB RAM) + $1499 - 100% money back guaranteed up until 2 weeks. If you don't like the training for whatever reason - you will get your money back. No questions asked.

SharePoint Business Analyst (Non –Technical)

Welcome to SharePoint
SharePoint OutOfTheBox functionalities
SharePoint Integration with Office 365
More Details..

SharePoint Developer

SharePoint Lists, Document Libraries, Web Parts, Event Receivers, Security, Content management, Search
More Details..

Contact Details

Name: Colaberry
Phone: (972) 992-1024
Email: trainingcolaberry.zendesk.com

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